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A while ago, Scientists have invented a high-tech tattoo that can detect cancer before any symptoms occur, this technology was developed by researchers at Harvard University . They use a bio-sensitive ink to monitor the health conditions. If the composition of fluid in the body changes, the color of ink will be changed.

Professor Martin Fussenegger of the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at the Federal Zurich University of Technology in Zurich developed a kind of “tattoo” that can accurately detect early cancerous cells that may exist.Fussenegger and his team believe that in the future the situation of discover cancers as early as possible may be significantly improved by the special skin implants they designed. They call it “biomedical tattoo.”
Their biomedical tattoos will be able to identify the four most common cancer types, and these cancers are often detected very late, including breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer.
The researchers conducted a feasibility study to test the effectiveness and accuracy of implants in predicting cancer on the skin of mice and pigs. The results of their research currently seem very promising. The study has been published in the periodical < Science Translational Medicine>.


This high-tech tattoo is still under development. When it appears, it looks like a 5 pence big brown patch. It will be tattooed in the bottom of the forearm, where the skin is usually white for easy viewing. Only when it detects the increase in blood and calcium in the skin (which may be an indicator of cancer) does a tattoo appear. Scientists will use local anesthesia to make tattoos.
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