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Let get back to the 8 tips about shaving.

5.To avoid shaving from different directions: An amount of blood vessels around the beard, so the beard grows faster due to enough effective nutrients, the beard needed cleaning up every day, many people thought that to make a shaving quickly through random directions in a short time. The result is that a not-so-clean face with some beards too short, some remains on face, and some may curved back into skin cause irrigation and redness.
6. Do not shave the hair grain: Hair grains are existed to men’s faces. To keep the face smooth, many people choose to remove them, but it can easily scratch and stimulate skin.
7.After shaving care is important: do you need skin care after shaving? This may be a problem many men want to ask. Many people have problems with the dullness of the facial triangle. As a matter of fact, this is caused by long shaving and not skin care. The skin of the “beard area” is more likely to dry than other parts of the body. Even if the technique of daily shave is familiar, Careful inevitably can not avoid irritations, and after-shaving care is particularly important.
Shaving moisturizing perfume is not medically necessary. Although the ingredients do make the shaved skin look more bright, if you are willing to scent after shave, it is recommended that you do not use fragrances containing alcohol and witch hazel tincture as this can cause infection. Check the ingredients of the moisturizing after-shaving perfume if these spices are used for shaving.
8. Do not share razors with others: Many people like to share shaving razors with family, friends, etc. Perhaps it’s for convenience, but it’s really unhealthy. The razor fits the face and it’s easy to carry the bacteria on the face. At the same time it is easy to scratch the skin, contaminated with blood, sharing is easy to spread bacteria, infectious diseases to hazard health, so do not share the shaver with other people.

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