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On June 23rd, the FIFA World Cup in Russia, Brazilian team beat Costa Rica 2-0 in the second group match the night before. The fans in the scene fell into madness. Outside the stadium, a 33-year-old Brazilian fan showed his madness, he tattooed the uniform of Brazilian giant clube de Regatas do Flamengo on his body. The fan is Mauricio and his job is a truck driver.

As a fan, buying or collecting jerseys are very common. But this “jersey” of Mauricio is very special. According to Mauricio, this “jersey” tattoo started from April 2017 and completed in April 2018. It took a year and the entire tattoo cost $4,000. He spends 3 or 4 hours each time on tattoo. “The pain sensation is like it were burning with a hot pot or an iron.” Mauricio said. He has suffered a lot of controversy in doing so, but he doesn’t care. He thinks everyone has the right to express their opinions.

Some tips of tattoo

-Can I take a bath or swimming after a tattoo? You can take a shower after tattoo, but baths is recommended at least half a month later.

– Can scar physique, acne or pimples skin be tattooed? Sure, there’s no affected.

– My body hair is thick, do I need to remove hair before tattooing? Shaving is generally divided into manual shaving and laser hair removal. Manual shaving is no problem at all. But the laser hair removal after the tattoo is not recommended. If you want to removal hair by laser, please finish before tattooing.

– What do I need to pay attention to when my tattoos just finished?? No strong sun exposure, No soaking in the water. All tattoos are afraid of sun exposure and soaking. Especially light colors and details.

– How long can I go to gym after tattooing? After the recovery period is over, it will take about 15 days.

– When the tattoo is restoring, I feel that the skin is very dry and itch? You can apply some moisturizer, but do not scratch. It will be affected recovery by scratching.

– How painful is it to get a tattoo? Well, it vary from person to person. Some people feel it’s pain to die, but some people feel nothing.

– Is the tattoo allergic? Generally, black ash is less likely to be allergic, red is relatively easy to occur. If you want to do color, you can test it in advance.
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