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Wal-Mart is about to launch a grocery-picking robot

Recently, Walmart announced that it is testing a product robot “Alphabot”. Customers can order items online, such as dry and refrigerated items, The Alphabot robot then picks the merchandise out of the order and sends it to Wal-Mart’s associates for delivery, marking the upcoming launch of Wal-Mart’s latest efforts to improve its online shopping service.

Wal-Mart announced on Friday that it will soon launch an automatic shopping cart for Alphabots in a supermarket in Salem, New Hampshire. Alphabots can select and package shoppers’ online orders, and through Alphabots’ efforts, hopes to simplify Wal-Mart’s online grocery service.

Mark Ibbotson, Wal-Mart’s executive vice president of central operations, said in a statement that Alphabot will operate behind the scenes by automatically taking items out of the warehouse and sending them to the employees who integrated the order, making the entire online shopping process easier.

“For our pickup associates, that means less time walking the store aisles in search of products and more time ensuring customers are getting the absolute best in fresh produce, meats, etc.”.To make Alphabot work smoothly, the retail giant has expanded a 20,000-square-foot warehouse, where shoppers can drive there and pick-up by themselves. The Alphabot robot will pick and grab the ordered items, which are concentrated in the warehouse and then transported to one of Wal-Mart’s four different joint transportation sites. It can buy dry food, chilled and frozen foods. Yahoo Finance pointed out that the whole process happened behind the store and shoppers couldn’t see what happened.

Currently, Wal-Mart is only testing part of Alphabot at the Salem store. At present, the company is working with robotics technology companies to launch “alert innovations”. Wal-Mart said it plans to run Alphabot ahead of the end of the year. Ibbotson said that although this is a small pilot project, we expect a big gain. “We have a lot to learn about this new technology, and we’re excited about the possibilities of how we can use it to make the future of shopping – and working – even better.” Wal-Mart is also launching automated shopping cart to more stores to streamline its online merchandise shopping service.
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