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How does the digital age change people’s consumption notion of daily necessities?

When you walk into a grocery store (here we temporarily refer to hypermarkets, convenience stores, supermarkets and other stores that sell daily necessities as grocery stores), the in-store equipment instantly identifies your information and get tailored personal reminders and recommendations on the mobile side. You don’t need to ask questions about the products you want to buy and the types you buy frequently. The purchase process is convenient and efficient, and the checkout takes only a few seconds, even without the need to open the wallet. That sounds far away from us?

Actually, such a shopping experience has gradually been realized in the real world. iTunes, Netflix, Apple TV, etc., change the listening and viewing habits of users in music, books and videos. What is happening in the FMCG market? The business era of interconnection anywhere anytime, will consumers only focus on one purchase channel? What kind of technology model can impress consumers?

As early as the 1950s and 1960s, “family milkman” was popular in Europe and America. Today, as more and more consumers order through the Internet and mobile, daily products are once again delivered to the door.
A quarter of global respondents indicated that they have had the experience of “ordering home delivery online,” and more than half of the respondents (55%) said they would adopt this model in the future. The milkman returns to the real world of shopping, the difference is that when they return, they are already “digital”.

14% said they use the online automatic subscription service, which regularly replenishes orders at a set frequency, and 54% are willing to use them in the future. In 2011, Tesco (Homeplus) launched its first virtual supermarket in the Korean subway system, and this model has been extended to other markets. Other online experience methods are also promising. For example, the proportion of respondents who use “online order in-store” in the future is 57%, and the willingness to pick up (55%) the goods at the designated site is also very high.

The development of urbanization, mobile equipment and broadband penetration have stimulated the development of e-commerce in developing countries. Especially in China, online order delivery is very popular; more than one third (37%) of Asia Pacific respondents (46% in China) said they have had online shopping experience; the online automatic subscription function in this area is also higher than the global level (22% vs 14%), and the proportion in China is even as high as 30%.

Why the growth rate of online sales of fast-moving consumer goods in Asian countries is much higher than other countries? First, urbanization development and high population density make express delivery more economical, coupled with lower labor costs. Second, the popularity of smart phones provides consumers with a hardware foundation. Third, food safety has repeatedly been valued. Consumers tend to buy high quality food online, especially in the Chinese market.
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