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How to bring cosmetics by air in China?
The airport public security official stated that at present, all Chinese domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquids, but they can be handled for shipment. Their packaging should comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.
1) Passengers carry a small amount of cosmetics for travel purposes (cosmetics, body washes, shaving foam, hair conditioners, etc.). Each cosmetic is limited to one piece. Its rated container volume must not exceed 100 ml, and it should be placed in a separate bag for open bottle inspection.
There are also two more provisions for liquids on board.
2) Passengers from overseas who need to transfer to domestic airlines at airports in China should bring their imported tax-free liquid goods in transparent plastic bags with bags intact and sealed, and they must present their shopping vouchers. They can be carried without a doubt after passing the security inspection.
3) If there is a baby, you can apply to the airline when you purchase the ticket. The airline will provide free liquid dairy products on board the aircraft. Diabetes patients or other patients will bring the necessary liquid medicines. After being confirmed by the security inspection, they will be sent to the crew for safekeeping.
4) Do not apply nail polish to the aircraft cabin, even if you are allowed to bring it. In public places where air does not circulate, any odor-rich product is impolite to other passengers.

5) If you are not sure about whether or not to take a certain product, don’t pack it in! Leave it at home better than to be confiscated, so that you not only have to go to the local market to buy a bottle, but also to throw away a bottle. It is a double loss.

6) If you are still not sure what skin care products you can bring, try not to choose liquid packaging. Choose cleansing soap and cleansing flour instead of cleaning cream, which are not subject to liquid control restrictions; choose the face mask  instead of mask gel to minimizes the amount of liquid.

7) Another method is to bring as many samples as possible. If it is a short-term trip, the sample can fully meet the demand, and you do not need to be nervous when waiting for the security check.

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