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The history of women’s hair removal has been described in detail in previous articles. There are many options for modern women’s shaving methods. If you just want to solve the problem in the summer or need regular hair removal, the shaving razor is a painless and quick way; if you do not want to shave hair too often and not afraid of pain, then you can consider waxing hair removal or plucking; If your skin is not sensitive, you can choose to use hair removal cream; if you want to permanant hair removal and do not want to go to the hospital, then buy a hair removal device is a good idea. Next, let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of several major hair removal methods.

1.Electrical Shaver or manual razor
One of the most convenient, economical, and most common ways of hair removal that have little impact on health. Skin stimulation is also less effected, especially for people who are afraid of pain and sensitive skin. It is recommended that apply shaving foam before shaving to prevent the skin from being scratched.

Disadvantages:However, to shave by razors are short-lived and frequently performed, which is a little bit troublesome.

2.Shaving Cream
Hair removal cream belongs to drug hair removal, the main principle is to use the chemical substances in it to soften and release the hair shaft, make the hair easier to fall off, generally speaking, the hair after shedding can grow again, it is more suitable for people who want clean hair removal but afraid of pain.

Disadvantages: Since the hair will grow again after a period of time, there is a need for hair removal again. In addition, the chemical ingrediant should not be used too frequently, repeated use may damage the hair follicles.

This method uses waxing sticking to the site of hair removal, and then tear it off and remove the hair uprooted. Waxing hair removal is suitable for women with dense hair, and the use of wax to maintain hair removal time is relatively long, basically 1-3 times a summer on it.

Disadvantages:It’s painful! However, the disadvantage of this method is that it is painful, so women who are afraid of pain are not suitable for removing hairs with waxing, and wax also has chemical components that are easy to stimulate the skin.

4. Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is a permanent method of hair removal. Laser hair removal is based on the principle of photothermodynamics and is specifically directed against melanin. The melanin in the hair follicle absorbs the energy of the laser light and generates heat energy, which destroys the hair follicle and stops the growth of the hair.
Laser hair removal can not achieve permanent result in one time. It needs 3-5 treatments for permanent hair removal

Advantages: Laser hair removal is the quickest, safest, and permanent hair removal method. Traditional hair removal methods such as use of depilatory cream, waxing, shaving razor, hair clipping, etc., cannot effectively destroy hair follicles that directly affect hair growth. The hair will soon grow back.

Disavantages: The cost of laser hair removal is higher and there is also a certain degree of pain. Not everyone is suitable for laser hair removal: adults with thick hair, scars physique; skin that has recently received sun exposure or has been tanned; hirsutism caused by endocrine disorders (generally refers to excessive secretion of androgens); due to genetic or other causes of hirsutism, these four categories are not suitable for laser hair removal. At the same time, it is not recommended for people with hypertension or cardiovascular disease to choose.

Different hair removal methods have different characteristics, and their duration, convenience, comfort, and economy are all different.Ladies can choose the way to use according to their own needs and economic capabilities.
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