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Before we continue the subject of products prohibited by customs in different countries, let’s emphasize again the international ban product list on entry, that is, the list of products that are not allowed to be carried into any country:
The items that are prohibited entry by global
The following items are forbidden to enter regardless of where to entry, so don’t carry them. If found, it may be confiscated or fined;
1. meat including organs (raw or cooked) and its products;
2. Plant seeds, vegetables, fruits and soil;
3. Kindling including all kinds of ignition devices, such as lighters, matches, cigarette lighters, magnesium rods (flints) are strictly prohibited to carry on or check in luggage;
4. Insects and other pests that are harmful to plants;
5. Wild animals and specimens;
6. Drugs and dangerous drugs;
7. Fireworks, cigarettes, yellow smoke, fireworks, etc., explosions or burning devices (substances) that can cause serious personal injury or endanger aircraft safety.
9. Daily knives,arms and ammunition.

List of prohibited entry items in different countries
Asia & Other countries

  • Japan – Counterfeit goods will be fined for confiscation
    1. Counterfeit goods, so-called fake brands: In the unknown situation, counterfeit goods are brought into the country, and if they are detected by the customs, the items will be fined. In the above circumstances, carryer will not be further investigated for legal liability, but if it is carried out under known circumstances, it will undoubtedly constitute a criminal act.
    2. Articles stipulated in the Washington Treaty: fur, leather goods, ivory products, etc. specified in the Washington Treaty. Fur products such as furs, crocodiles, lizards and other amphibians of tigers and leopards are restricted. The above is not only limited to products, but also to animals themselves. Instantly confirm that there is no problem at the time of purchase, but if the customs is confirmed as a restricted item, you must make the following choices:
    (1) give up on the spot;
    (2) Return at your own expense;
    (3) After the payment is made, the professional company shall temporarily deposit it and apply for an import license.

3. Food, plants, meat products (ham, sausage, etc.).

4. Fruits, plants, flower seeds and meat products, etc. cannot be brought into the country except for the goods already inspected and sale at the airport. Fish products are not including.

  • South Korea – No entry of beef, pork, sausage, ham and other livestock products
    To go to Korea, do not bring beef, pork, sausage and other livestock products and their corresponding processed foods.
    If you bring in an entry, you must report to the Korean airport inspection and quarantine officer and accept the quarantine. The offender will be punished by a fine of 5 million won.
  • Singapore – Unpaid tariffs on alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes are not allowed to enter the country
    1. Currency: Singapore Customs does not have a maximum amount of foreign currency to bring in.
    2. Taxables: alcoholic beverages (including wine, beer, ale and dark beer), tobacco (including cigarettes and cigars), clothing and apparel, leather bags and purses, costume jewelry, chocolate and candy, pastries, biscuits and cakes.
    3. Duty-free goods, electrical and electronic products, cosmetics, cameras, watches, jewelry, precious jewellery, footwear, art and handicrafts, toys, etc.
    4. Every visitor to Singapore’s borders does not need to pay taxes on personal items and food (chocolate, biscuits, cakes, etc.) worth no more than S$50. Visitors over the age of 16 and from countries other than Malaysia can enjoy the following tax-free treatments; 1 liter of spirits; 1 liter of wine; 1 liter of beer, dark beer, ale or alcohol. The above duty-free products are for personal consumption only. If resold or donated, it is considered illegal.
    5. If a transit passenger carries an item exceeding the prescribed amount, the part exceeding the tax exemption area shall be deposited with the customs and pay the custodian fee.
    6. Exported alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes marked with “Singapore Duty Not Paid”, and cigarettes with themark of “E” are not allow to bring into Singapore.
    7. Prohibited items: controlled drugs, firecrackers, gun-type lighters, toy coins, pirated publications and audio-visual products, endangered rare wild animals and their products, obscene articles, dangers and treason items.
  • Hong Kong of China
    1. Plant pathogens, pests and other harmful organisms (including biological products);
    2. Animal carcasses and specimens;
    3. Soil;
    4. Fruit and eggplant, pepper, tomato;
    5. Live animals (except cats and dogs) and animal genetic material such as semen and embryos;
    6. Eggs, skins, manes, coffin bone,horns and meat (raw meat, sausage, ham, bacon, etc.)
    7. Animal aquatic products, milk and dairy products, animal blood and their products.

    Items that are allowed to be carried but need inspection declaration:
    1. flowers, cut flowers, dried flowers;
    2. Plant samples, exhibits, specimens;
    3. Dried fruit, dried vegetables, preserved products, frozen vegetables;
    4. Seeds, seedlings and other reproductive materials, tobacco leaves ( quarantine approval formalities must be go through before entry);
    5. Non-seeds grain, beans;
    6. Bamboo, rattan, willow, grass products;
    7. Cats and dogs pets ( with quarantine certificate and vaccination certificate)

  • Australia – no fresh fruits and vegetables are allowed
    1. In terms of baggage, unless there are special items to be inspected (accessed by a specific entrance), it is like something that cannot be brought into Australia in general.
    2. Some items, because of the threat to the survival of Australian animals and plants, are not allowed to be brought into Australia. These include: cats, dogs and other small animal birds, feathers and poultry products, eggs and egg products; Aquatic animals and plants, food left on airplanes and ships, living insects; Soil, culture fluid, microorganisms, fresh fruits and vegetables; Canned meat, meat including salami sausage and other sausages; dairy products including cheese; Straw and grass weavers, all living plants, cuttings and bulbs, and crop seeds.
  • New Zealand – eggs and egg products, fresh fruits are strictly prohibited from entering the country
    1. Prohibited entry: eggs and egg products, dairy products, freshwater fish, bee products, meat and meat products, corn, cherish animals and plants and their products (including valuable jewelry, souvenirs, handmade products and antiques) , fresh fruit, medicinal animal products (such as: bird’s nest, antler, bear bile, etc.).
    2. Animals (insects, pets, ornamental fish, birds, eggs), plants (whole plants, cuts, bulbs, bulbs, etc.), fresh flower arrangements, garlands, garland materials, unexploded corn and straw packaging materials, soil, Biological cultures and organisms, biological products, animal foods, animal drugs and vaccines, food additives, pesticides.
    3. Customs restrictions: In addition to private personal items, visitors to New Zealand (over 17 years of age) can enjoy tax exemption when purchasing the following items: cigarettes, cigars, tobacco – 200 cigarettes, 250 grams of cigars or 50 Cigar; or a mixture of three without exceeding 250 grams. Alcoholic spirits – 4.5 liters of fruit wine (equivalent to 6 bottles of 750 ml) and a bottle of 1125 ml of spirits or liqueurs.
    Since New Zealand is an agricultural country, before the plane landed at the airport, insecticides were required to be sprayed in the cabin to ensure that foreign pests were not accidentally brought into the country.

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