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Now, let’s move on the last part of paying out from the pocket of customers, you might need a good story-Ⅳ

4. I want to buy it – A story guides purchase action
Regardless of how successful you have been cushioned to let people know your products, love it and believe it, but if the customer does not pay, it’s fruitless.
The skill to getting customers to pay immediately, the most common ones are similar to “on sale”, “discount”. Then, how do you use story marketing? The answer is: You tell the customer why and when we launch this promotion, why the price will soon rise.
For example, you can say this:
To be honest, I was surprised to hear that Michael started the class. I asked him, “Why are you planing this training? The e-commerce bosses that I know are all snowed under with work. Why do you have time to go out and do anything else?”
He said: “I want to try how fast a good copywriter can be trained out. This way I will train the team well.”

Michael said he wanted to take this opportunity to integrate his experience into a system. His company’s internal training program ends with this goal.This means that these high-quality training content will not be discussed again in the future.
You can search Michael’s company. In 2015, the valuation is 70 million US dollars, and now it has reached 100 million. Michael doesn’t need to make money from this course. It might be the last chance to learn from him.
Because the lecturer speaking about this lesson is not to make money, but to use this opportunity to form an in-house training system, so this course can be said to be out of print. Don’t you want to register?

When a promotion activity has a self-conceived imagination that can activate certain hormones in your thinking, you will accept it first, and then try to persuade yourself to trust it completely, and finally take an action.
And this is the charm of a good story in promotion!
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