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Analysis of western European market: consumers chase bargains, sellers will be permanently lost customers when they are out of stock
A new study by e-commerce platform service provider Mirakl found that Western European consumers buying online are more than ever before, but they are also increasingly valued for prices, and Amazon is their preferred shopping destination.

The study pointed out that 85% of Western European consumers between the ages of 25 and 34 said they would first check the price of the product on Amazon and then decide where to buy it, and 71% said they would not be fixed to one seller because online prices are better.
Clearly, even in an experience-oriented modern shopping world, consumers are still looking for cheap goods. If product price is competitive enough, sellers can still get consumer loyalty.

Young consumers are the most discerning group, with 32% of young consumers surveyed saying they shop at more than five retailers a month, compared to only 20% of Generation Z (people born after 1990) Consumers and 21% of consumers over the age of 55 will do so.

Moreover, if the seller is unable to deliver on time, they are not worried about offending people, and will not hesitate to complain the seller. In addition, 89% of young consumers surveyed said they had encountered a shortage of products, 73% of them said they would buy from other websites, and one-third said that out of stock would cause them no longer to visit the online seller again. Therefore, in addition to providing competitive prices, sellers should also pay attention to the optimization of the shopping experience, and try to avoid out-of-stock situations.

In general, as consumers increasingly use online channels to find cheaper goods, sellers need to pay close attention to how to offer reasonable products to consumers, optimize sales processes, and create personalized marketing strategies.

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