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What kind of things can be carried for outbound travel? What are prohibited items? Whether you are traveling or visiting relatives abroad, you should know it to avoid spending extra money even causing jail time punishment. The following is a list of the customs of nations that are strictly prohibited.

The items that are prohibited entry by global

The following items are forbidden to enter regardless of where to entry, so don’t carry them. If found, it may be confiscated or fined;
1. meat including organs (raw or cooked) and its products;
2. Plant seeds, vegetables, fruits and soil;
3. Kindling including all kinds of ignition devices, such as lighters, matches, cigarette lighters, magnesium rods (flints) are strictly prohibited to carry on or check in luggage;
4. Insects and other pests that are harmful to plants;
5. Wild animals and specimens;
6. Drugs and dangerous drugs;
7. Fireworks, cigarettes, yellow smoke, fireworks, etc., explosions or burning devices (substances) that can cause serious personal injury or endanger aircraft safety.
9. Daily knives,arms and ammunition.

List of prohibited entry items in various countries

Europe & North America

  • The US – Prohibition of entry of meat, livestock, poultry and their by-products
    The following items are not allowed to enter the country. If found, they will be confiscated, and the severe ones may be fined and jailed.
    1. Fresh, dehydrated or canned meat, meat products etc.;
    2. Vegetables, fruits, plant seeds and soil;
    3. Insects and other plants that are harmful to plants;
    4. Non-canned or smoked fish;
    5. Wild animals and specimens;
    6. Drugs and dangerous goods;
    7. Pirated, copyright-free books and recordings, videotapes or CDs;
    8. Lottery;
    9. Arms ammunition.


  • Canada – only plants from the United States allow to enter
    Most of the plants are prohibited, because plants are posed a threat to local crops or resources. According to this principle, a variety of evergreen tree plants, except those from the United States, are prohibited from carrying.
    1. Fruit: Unless from the United States, generally are not allowed to bring in. This includes common fruits such as apples and apricots, as well as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, black currant, red currant, etc.
    2. Vegetables: Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc., unless they come from the United States, it is forbidden to bring plants into the country. In general, soil or plants with soil cannot be brought into the country.
    3. Animals: There are not many prohibited entry, such as seafood. Only certain fish are banned, like dolphins, and individual species of crabs such as mittencrab. In addition, animal fat can only be brought which are from the United States.


  • Britain – meat, eggs, milk, instant noodles are prohibited
    1. Controlled drugs (eg heroin, morphine, cocaine, marijuana, etc.), weapons, obscene items, threat monitoring and environmental items (including certain plants, meat, meat and animal processed products). However, no one can carry 1 kg of meat that is cooked and sealed in a can or other closed container.
    2. Items that can be carried out duty-free are:
    Tobacco products (over 17 years old): 200 cigarettes, or 100 small cigars, or 50 cigars, or 25 grams of cut tobacco.
    Alcoholic beverages (over 17 years old): 2 kg of steam-free wine, plus 1 kg of spirits with an alcohol content of more than 22%, or 2 kg of alcohol with a alcohol content of no more than 22% (such as fortified wine or sparkling wine)
    Perfume: 60 ml perfum
    Toilet water: 250 ml of toilet water
    Other items: 145 pounds worth of other items purchased outside the EU, including gifts and souvenirs.


  • France – tax-free for daily necessities for one year use amount
    1. It is tax-free to bring in daily necessities for one year use amount at the time of entry. 50-100% of certain goods manufactured in the EU can be brought in without tax, and can bring 200 cigarettes, 5 liters of wine, 2 ordinary cameras, 10 rolls of film, 1 video camera, 10 video cassettes, a record player, and a cassette, recorder, radio, typewriter, calculator and a pair of telescopes;
    2. Illegal drugs, pirated books and pictures of books banned by French government are forbidden.


  • Germany – Prohibition of entry of pirated books or computer software
    1. All items legally authorized can be carried out at random.
    2. It is forbidden to bring in narcotics, drugs, weapons, pirated books or computer software.
    3. Tax-free entry and exit items: items that are certified by Germany and sold as souvenirs or gifts; 50 grams of perfume or quarter of liters of toilet water.
    4. 17 years old or older can bring 200 cigarettes or 100 small cigars or 50 cigars or 250 grams of shredded tobacco are allowed. For those over 17 years old, it is allowed to carry 1 liter of alcohol with a alcohol content of 22%, or 2 liters of aperitif , or 2 liters of alcoholic beverage with a alcohol content less of 22% , or less or 2 liters of liqueur. More than 15 years old, 200 grams of coffee or 100 grams of tea are allowed, and 2 cameras, 1 vedio camera, 15 rolls of film, and 1 CD player.
    5. Except prohibited books, other books can be brought in. Germany’s foreign currency, gold and other import and export are not regulated, can be carried or carried out without any declaration, and can be freely exchanged for other currencies in Germany without any restrictions. Usually the exchange rate of the bank is more favorable.

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