Triple blades disposable razors factory, reliable supplier WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is specialized in 1 blade, 2 blades and 3 blades plastic disposable razors for men and women, founded in 2009, today it has more than 160 employees, 2 buildings cover 10,000 square meters workshop, 20 set plastic injection machines, 10 sets automatically assembly systems, 4 sets packing machines… to meet the demand of 150 million annual product capability. Our disposable shavers are popular in the market of non-food consumer goods wholesaler, personal care distributor, supermarket and hypermarket supply chain etc.

Many fast-moving consumer product managers have experienced like this: When they go to a strange market to expand their business, they have little market information and an intentional customer. To a new strange place, many people are unfamiliar, and the sales manager will be very confused. Where to start to look for customers, a few days past they find the business development were not progressing smoothly., the result is a lot of pressure.
Here we share a few tips hope that bring you inspiration.

Before departure, we must be clear about the product market positioning, channel selection, according to the characteristics of the product and company influence to determine what kind of dealer is the most suitable, this is the key to the success of developing new market. Unclear market positioning, it will be easy to make such mistakes – take the positioning of supermarket products to the wholesale market to find customers. As a result, even if they do not rejected, they will be struck dumb by a series of support policy from customers question. Then, how to develop new business today?

1. Search customers from internet: Nowadays, online information is very rich. Many dealers with advanced management ideas will publish some purchase information on some professional websites. And many websites collect information from various types of dealers to increase click-through rates. Searching for most of them will have many benefits; Learning about local customs, economic development and other information online.

2. To seek advice from friends: If you have a friend in the relevant industry in the local area, please ask help from him or her. Ask him or her to tell you about the development status of the local market. The relevant distributors’ strength rankings and distribution will be a big help. If your friend can introduce you to local distributors, it will be more effective.

3. Advertising promotion: Each place will have local newspapers or other social media publish all kinds of information for free or charge a few cost with targeted, wide coverage advantage.

4. Spread net wide in local trade market: Many sales managers will first go to the relevant local trade market. The relevant merchants in the market are more concentrated, so it is more convenient to find clients, and the selection space is large. However, there are also many shortages in the “net wide” practice. We will discuss this in the next chapter.

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