Triple blades disposable shavers company, provide single blade shaving razor, two blade razor and 3 blade disposable shavers for non-food fast moving consumer goods supplier, hotel guestroom amenities distributor, beauty supply wholesaler etc. Founded in the year of 2009, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is specialized in manual plastic disposable razors for men and women. Our products exported to Europe, America, Russia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries all over the world.

We then continue to the subject of the production process of disposable razors.
Production process of disposable razor Ⅲ—-lubricating strip paste automatically

For those disposable razor head with lubricating strip,there is a shallow groove in the upper caps injection mold is used to place the lubricating strips. There is no need to add protect cover in last process of the cartridge assembly.
The automatic lubricant assembly system consists of four parts, the razor cartridge worktable, the lubricating strip paste worktable, the cover feed plate and the conveying system.

The operator sits in front of the razor cartridge worktable and puts the cartridge with the blades side up one by one in an elongated slot. The conveyor system transports the cartridge to paste worktable, where there is a transparent tube which one end was attached to a bottle fill with glue and the other end was clamped by a manipulator that moved left and right. At this time, lubricating band is rolling on a flat large cylinder and one end was clamped into a small device that was moved toward the pre-pasted razor table.

After the razor cartridge is transported into place, the moved device applies the glue to the groove of the upper cap and then move to the position of the clamped lubricant band.
Here, there is a component with a cutter edge, with a lubricating strip cut down and pressed down the lubricant band onto the glue to make the lubricating strip paste well.
After the lubricating strip is pasted, the razor head is then transferred towards and pushed into the ready protect cover, and finally the completed razor head is pushed out into a product basket.

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