Twin blade disposable razors supplier provides shaving razor single blade, 2 blade razor and 3 blade razor in bulk. WangLi Shaver Manufacturing company established in 2009, is a medium-size and ISO qualified factory covers an area about 10,000 square meters, more than 160 employees, 20 sets plastic injection machines, 10 set automatically cartridge assembly workstations, 4 sets packing machines to reach the annual output of 150 million pieces disposable shaver. Our products are good sale at home and exported to Italy, France, the U.S, Middle East, Malaysia, Africa, Russia and other countries all over the world.

What kind of category is suitable to sell online
Products suitable for offline sales may not be suitable for online sales; in the US market, the proportion of food and non-food items online sales is 40% V.S 60%; while offline sales is the opposite (60% V.S 40%).
Nielsen report presents two obstacles and two facilitating factors for online sales. In general, the category which can accumulate inventory, and has a stable consumption turnover rate and long-term storage period such as shower gel, shampoo, cosmetics, washing powder, toilet paper and other personal care products and household products are the first choice for e-commerce. From the price dimension, low transportation costs and high profit margins allow for a wide range of discounted goods that are also suitable for online sales, such as dog food, cat food, baby food/formula powder.

Convenience and immediate consumption are barriers to online sales. Vulnerable or perishables such as refrigerated foods, refrigerated seafood, refrigerated fruits and vegetables, and appetizers are a challenge for online sales.
Some categories with special needs or needs are in the growth stage are also developing areas for online sales. For instance the growing demand for fresh, natural and unprocessed foods by consumers, especially developing countries consumers; healthy food that is difficult to gain offline or in local markets can be a good choice for e-commerce.

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