Twin blade razor in bulk wholesale. WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company provides men’s disposable razor and women’s shaving razors for general merchandise supplier, personal care distributor, hotel guestroom amenities wholesaler , beauty supplies wholesaler, supermarkets etc. We have 20 sets plastic injection machines to produce plastic handle and other cartridge parts; 10 sets assembly systems to assemble disposable shaver head cartridge automatically; 4 sets packing machines to pack individual razors or shaving kit. We export razors to the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Colombia, Chile, Africa area, Russia, Malaysia etc.
Some of our clients are daily groceries wholesalers, so today we are talking about several purchase channels of the general merchandise wholesalers.

1. The first is the traditional purchase channel. It’s the wholesale market in your city, it’s also a distribution center for small commodities wholesale. Then, as a wholesaler how to select such variety of products?

1) First of all, choose daily goods that sale fast, low cost and high demand. Of course, there are big brands that people know better, such as brands launched by P&G, Unilever etc., but these big brand basically has third or fourth stage agents. Therefore, if you do not have good price attractiveness when you purchase goods, you can find products with excellent quality but the brand has not yet built. This is very important, because the consumer groups that you are targeting pay attention to the brand and pay more attention to the quality of products. Therefore, it is required that you need to be more diligent to discover the potential brand.

2) Prepare a notebook to record the characteristics of the goods, the purchase price, and the suppliers telephone number of all the shops every time, then choose products according to the situation of other stores surrounding. Make the category as complete and excellent as possible, and reduce the cost of procurement.

3) At the same time as selecting the product, we must also observe if the supplier is dedicated and good reputation. Because only this business is dedicated and reputable, you can maintain long-term cooperation with him. If this supplier is sluggish and forgetful, there will be a lot of unpleasantness after cooperation! Searching an appropriate supplier for a good category, it is related to a series things of purchase, return and exchange products in the future, so choice is the key of success.

In addition to the traditional channels of purchase, there are online channels, peers, and supermarket that can be used as purchase channels. We will continue to talk about these channels tomorrow.
Twin blade razor in bulk wholesale, WangLi Shaver Company has 2 parrots, a dog and a cat work with more than 160 employees to strive in cheap single blade, 2 blades and 3 blades disposable razor at good quality. We are located in the brand alcohol area of East China which is fruitful with fish and rice. For more interesting story about our factory, pay more attention of our website.