Twin blades disposable razors exporter, wholesaler and manufacturer, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company supply disposable razors worldwide. Disposable razor owns a stable market share in shaving products for it’s portable, hygienic, healthy and economic. It’s the essential products for supermarket chain, convenience store or discount store supplier, personal care distributor,beauty Products, hotel guestroom toiletries, travel supplies and any other non-food grocery wholesaler.

How does this small razor achieve production automatically and ensure quality while minimizing costs? WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company will share our experiences with 4 parts of ” Plastic Injection”, “Blade Cartridge Assembly”, “Stamp Lubricating Strip” and “Packaging”.

Production process of disposable razor Ⅰ—-Plastic handle injection

Most of our products use injection molding process to produce plastic parts for handles and razor blade cartridges. The principle is to add granular or powdery raw materials to the hopper of the injection machine. The raw materials are heated and melted to be in a flowing state, and are driven by the screw or piston of the injection machine. Next, the injection system of the nozzle and the mold enters the mold cavity, hardens the mold, releases the molded components after cooling, and the finished product falls into the prepared basket.
At the same time, there is a mechanical arm at the upper part of the equipment, when the product is released from the mold, the excess waste is clamped out and placed in a prepared waste box. And then enter the next batch products injection procedure.

Injection molding process has the following advantages:
(1) Short molding cycle, high production efficiency, and automatized easily;
(2) Plastic parts that can be formed with complex shapes, accurate dimensions, and with metal or non-metallic inserts
(3) Stable product quality
(4) Wide range of adaptation

Another type of our products is the same handle made of two different plastic materials or colors. This process is called two-color injection molding. It can make plastic appear in two different colors, and show a regular Pattern or irregular moire patterns to enhance the plastic parts strong and aesthetics.
In the production process, the bottom plastic part is first injection molded, and then the formed parts is put into a mold that has been fixed in the inner cavity of the injection molding machine. Then, the second raw material or color is added into the hopper, and the injection process is repeated to cover the second plastic part on the first finished part, you can refer to the video material

In industrial products, injection molded products include kitchen supplies (garbage bins, bowls, buckets, pots, cutlery, and various containers), enclosures of electrical equipment (hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, food mixers, etc.), toys and games, and automobiles, various industrial products, parts of many other products, etc.
WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is a disposable razors factory with 20sets plastic injection machines to meet the daily production capacity of plastic components 50000pcs.
We are always committed to producing good quality and low price of 1 blade disposable razor, 2 blade disposable shaving razors and 3 blade disposable shavers. If you have any interesting about our products, please feel free to contact us.