Twin blades disposable razors factory in China, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company is a ISO 9001 qualified factory engaged in 1 blade, 2 blades and 3 blades disposable razors for male and female. Besides domestic market, we export plastic disposable shaver to Europe, America, Russia, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia etc. We are striving to supply good quality disposable razors at low prices to our partners.
In this passage, we will talk something about advantages of manual razors and electrical shavers.
Manual shaver – safe& healthy, quiet, portable, shaving thoroughly clean, simple maintaining,
The old concept to use the manual razor is that it always takes a long time. Actually, it takes about 15 minutes only. The manual razor could give a very clean and fresh shaving experience. The attributes of manual razor are low cost and easy operation, thoroughly cleaning. Manual razors have always accounted for more than half market share. With the continuous introduction of new 6-blade shavers and consumers progress concept of quality of life, the market trend will be increasingly stable and strengthened. In addition to cleaning the excess hair on face, manual shaver is the best shaving razor for leg, underarms, back and other area of body.
The consumption of manual razors is mainly on the blades. If a blade is used regularly, it needs to be replaced once a few days. The blade should avoid getting rusty or use for a long time. A clean blade is the basic guarantee for safety, health and hygiene. In general, manual razor needs to be used in conjunction with products such as shaving cream or gel.
Electric shaver – efficient and convenient
Electric razors are a product of modern industry, no more wet shaving with cream or gel, saving people a lot of time, but its thoroughness and human experience are not as good as manual razors. In addition, when shaved with an electric shaver, Be careful to avoid “more harder, more cleaner”. If you do not clean the head in time, there will be a lot of bacteria and harm to your health.

Twin blades disposable razors factory, 160 employees, 20 sets plastic injection molding machines,10 sets assembly machines,4 sets packing machine and conveyor, and 150 million sets annual output. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.