Women’s shaving razor wholesaler and manufacturer, WangLi Shaver Manufacturing Company offers cheap disposable one blade razor, two blade razor and 3 blade razor both at home and abroad. Besides women’s disposable razors, we do have mens disposable razors wholesale for personal care distributor, convenient stores supplier, tattoo supply and medical consumable wholesaler, hotel guestroom toiletries supplier etc. There are 10,000 square meters workshops with around 160 employees, 20 sets plastic handle and razor cartridge injection machines, 10 sets razor head automatic assembly systems and 4 sets individual packing machines in our factory to reach the annual output of 150 million sets disposable shaving razors.

Artificial intelligence creates a new retail empire. Are you ready? -Ⅲ
Application of AI in Retail Industry – Intelligent Storage and Logistics

Smart warehousing is also an important scene for AI to enter the retail industry. Once again, RFID has been used as a physical carrier for product electronic codes (EPCs). It is attached to traceable items, can be circulated globally and read and written, and facilitates inventory sorting. Through RFID, robots, etc.

All products are identified by RFID and are sorted by the machine. After sorting, they are packaged on the conveyor belt, and then shipped. Finally, the goods could be counted and paid at any time. At the same time, new technologies such as big data, robots, RFID, and internet of things can be used to realize automatic forecasting, procurement, replenishment, and separation of warehouses. And the stocks can be adjusted and delivered accurately according to customer needs, thus massive commodity inventories reached automatic and accurate management. For example, Amazon’s intelligent supply chain can achieve such a high level of efficiency.

100 SKU(inventory units) is the limit for a skilled salesperson. Such fast moving consumer goods or books category could be tens of millions of SKU, the use of human sales will result in extremely large teams and costs. In the past, such work would require hundreds of salespersons. However, currently JingDong, one of China’s most popular integrated online retailers, manages hundreds of thousands of SKU with only 12 book salespersons. The efficiency has been greatly improved, and the automatic management of selected products, plans, pricing, and inventory has been achieved. The demand has been matched to the warehouse closest to the consumer, minimizing the transfer between regions and the transfer between regional internal warehouses, while optimizing the allocation. The warehouse allocation plan minimizes apportion costs.

In addition, AI has a wide range of roles and space in optimizing the back-end supply chain. In the past, purchasers need to send more people to inspect the fruit growers and the output, then place order with in-store sales data. Today, with AI-related technology, plant data, weather data, car traffic data, and store sales data can be successfully docked. The system achieve product portfolio optimization: automatic purchase , logistics department automatically pull goods after procurement, sales automatically.
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